Support & Services

This Service and Support Policy apply to NETELITY's operation and administration of the NETELITY Services. NETELITY may revise this Training Policy at any time without notice by posting the amended Privacy Policy on the NETELITY Websites.

All access to and use of the NETELITY services and support and related Documents is subject to the terms and conditions in NETELITY's Terms of Use. The provisions of the Terms of Use take precedence over any inconsistent or contrary provisions in this Service and Support Policy.

Technical Support

NETELITY will provide its subscribed customers and its authorized users with technical support on setting up and configuring subscribed application, access to the Services, and other issues related to the functioning of Services. Only your authorized users may request information, changes or technical support pursuant to the Agreement.

NETELITY uses commercially reasonable efforts to maintain a standard response time to technical support issues. This response time will depend on the complexity of the inquiry and support request volume. The Technical Support Department assigns the highest priority to customer inquiries related to application unavailability. The estimated time to respond does not apply to inquiries that require extensive research and testing.

Support is available by email by contacting our support Department at or by calling our support line at 25800103 between the hours of 10 AM and 8 PM Indian Standard Time (IST).


Planned Maintenance- To ensure optimal performance and security of the Services, NETELITY will routinely perform maintenance on a regularly scheduled basis within its published maintenance windows. This may require some or all Services to be suspended during the maintenance period. NETELITY's planned maintenance is carried out during the maintenance window of 10.00 pm to 2.00 am Indian time. NETELITY will use commercially reasonable efforts to notify you in advance of any scheduled maintenance that may adversely affect your business.

Emergency Maintenance- Under certain circumstances NETELITY may need to perform emergency maintenance, such as security patch installation or hardware replacement on its servers. This may require all or some Services to be suspended during the maintenance period. NETELITY will not be able to provide you with advanced notice in case of emergency maintenance.

Unscheduled Maintenance- If customer cannot access the services due to loss of customer data or for any other unforeseen reasons; NETELITY will carry out unscheduled maintenance for restoring the services. This may require some or all Services to be suspended during the maintenance period. NETELITY will use commercially reasonable efforts to notify you in advance of any unscheduled maintenance that may adversely affect your business.

Application Access Availability

NETELITY shall use commercially reasonable endeavours to make at least 99% application access availability, measured on a per calendar-month basis. Application Access availability is defined as the ability of a user to access and retrieve information from subscribed services, provided that user account is active, in good standing and enabled. Unavailability caused by issues beyond NETELITY's reasonable control, including denial of service or similar attacks, mail bombs, DNS resolution, Domain Name expiration, Internet availability, SYN attacks, and other events or any other Force Majeure event will be excluded from application access availability calculations. NETELITY will not be responsible for not meeting the above availability criteria and will not refund subscription fee in case of any disputes.

Server Configuration

NETELITY will use commercially reasonable efforts to promptly install security patches, updates, and service packs. Software updates may change system behaviour and functionality and as such may negatively affect the Subscribed Services. NETELITY cannot foresee nor can it be responsible for service disruption or changes in functionality or performance due to implementation of software patches and upgrades. If such disruption or changes occur, NETELITY will use commercially reasonable efforts to remedy the situation as soon as possible after being notified of the problem.

NETELITY may be required by its software licensors to upgrade to the latest versions of their software. Licensor-required upgrades will be performed free of charge and upon reasonable notice.

Storage Capacity, Data Transfer, Server Resources

Each subscription is allotted storage capacity of 3 GB and data transfer of 5GB per month. This storage size and data transfer allotments can be increased through written request to NETELITY for an additional charge as specified in Mpower Service Agreement. The subscribed application on approaching the limits may stop accepting, processing, or delivering data thus causing Service unavailability or data loss. NETELITY will use commercially reasonable endeavours to give the Customer at least 24 Normal Business Hours' notice in advance of any such approaching limits. NETELITY shall not be responsible for such unavailability or data losses. Server resources are shared among all customers hosted on the same server(s). NETELITY configures servers, Services and storage in such a way that each customer is separated from other customers. However, due to its nature, for shared resources, server and service performance levels cannot be guaranteed.


NETELITY will utilize various technologies to ensure the integrity of customer's data on NETELITY's servers and to prevent data loss in the event of disk failure. NETELITY performs routine server backups for disaster recovery purposes only. Server backup scope and scheduling is at NETELITY's sole discretion. If the customer wants scheduled and regular back up of its data, NETELITY will provide the services at extra charge.

NETELITY shall not perform restore services of customer data unless such restore requests are specifically given in writing by customer. Additional service charges may apply if NETELITY recovers lost data that NETELITY is not required to back up.

During Subscription Term, NETELITY shall retain customer data, including but not limited to the content of the database information, active directory, log files and backup copies of documents stored on servers through subscribed application. NETELITY shall not be responsible for retaining any of customer data after termination of services or on expiration of subscription period. All data is deleted from the servers after termination of services or on expiration of subscription period and from backups during scheduled backup rotation. NETELITY shall not restore, provide on any storage media or send out any data pertaining to terminated/expired subscriptions, unless specifically noted in Mpower subscription agreement.

Customer Responsibilities

To access NETELITY services customer must provide at the very minimum:

  • an Internet connection with sufficient bandwidth and quality to allow trouble-free browsing, data uploading and downloading and that does not constrain subscribed application's functionality.
  • a fully functional updated Internet browser (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox) to access the subscribed application on his computing device