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What makes us different

  • WYSIWYG Software-everything on screen no hidden options
  • Single click operations
  • Near complete automation of all processes
  • Reduced human inputs and errors
  • User friendly design for quick and easy adaption
  • No implementation required-start using from day one
  • Quick and informed medical decisions for more efficiency
  • Easy process for day today activity
  • No installation,no back up
  • Works on any device,mobile,tab,or a computer
  • 360 degree real time data from anywhere any time
  • Custom report generator and scheduler
  • Patient and Doctor log in
  • Customized reminders
  • Ecommerce integration for bill payment
  • Multi level authorization
  • More than 200 built in reports
  • Complete accounting with GST compliance
  • Admission to Discharge integrated solution
  • No data loss ever by hardware failure like computer or hard disc crash

What you gain from using NERP


  • Reduce manpower and increase productivity by42%
  • Increase exam results and on time communication by47%
  • Reduce non core acitivities by32%
  • Reduce IT cost by61%
  • Accelerate admission to bill collection process by36%
  • Eliminate manual processes and reduce errors by59%
  • Increase efficiency by34%