This Customisation Policy applies to NETELITY's operation and administration of the NETELITY Customisation of subscribed services. NETELITY may revise this Customisation Policy at any time without notice by posting the amended Privacy Policy on the NETELITY Websites.

All access to and use of the NETELITY Customisation and related Documents is subject to the terms and conditions in NETELITY's Terms of Use. The provisions of the Terms of Use take precedence over any inconsistent or contrary provisions in this Customisation Policy.

Subscribed Application will be made available for access and use as it is which is demonstrated to customer and used by customer as a free trial (if availed) for seven days. Any customization other than specified in MSA or in this Customisation Policy as made available at or such other website address as may be notified to the Customer from time to time will attract additional charges.

NETELITY shall complete the customisation process within fourteen working days of getting the completed customisation form. NETELITY will make reasonable effort to complete the customisation in prescribed time but will not be held responsible for any delay.

If NETELITY doesn't receive relevant completed customisation form with in prescribed time, it is deemed that no customisation to subscribed application is required by the customer and NETELITY will consider its obligation for initial customisation as fulfilled.

Customer may request for modifications in initial customisation of relevant subscribed applications within one month from the date of initial customisation. From there upon any subsequent request for customisation will be entertained only once per quarter. NETELITY on its sole discretion will evaluate and comply with such subsequent requests for customisation.

Customisation is a complimentary service provided by NETELITY for benefit of its Users. NETELITY will not be held responsible for any loss of business or improper use of the application by not carrying out this complimentary service.